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Developmental Curriculum 3-6

Personalised learning

At Noble Park Primary School we celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of our community and we are dedicated to personalising the learning experience for every student. Personalised learning is about the tailoring of pedagogy, curriculum and learning support to meet the needs and aspirations of all learners. We recognise that not all students need to learn the same thing at the same time in the same way. We aspire to have all our students highly engaged in meaningful learning.

The Walker Learning Approach places the student at the centre of the learning. Our students learn through their own interests and intentions together with high quality explicit teaching within engaging and innovative learning environments.

In Grades 3, 4, 5 and 6, the personalised learning program is based around the Curriculum Subject Focus and the students’ Educational Research Projects.

Students are encouraged to celebrate their personal skills and interests and use these to explore aspects of the curriculum in a meaningful and authentic way. There is a combination of structured teaching, independent learning and personal research and projects. All areas of the curriculum are linked together to create authentic learning experiences that are relevant to each student and the environment is designed to stimulate and support learning.

The Subject Focus for this term in the Middle Learning House (Grade 3 and 4) is Civics and Citizenship.

The Subject Focus for this term in the Senior Learning House (Grade 5 and 6) is Civics and Citizenship.