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School Vision


Noble Park Primary School caters for a diverse community with educational, social and emotional goals achieved in an environment, which utilises all available community resources and innovation to prepare students for a rewarding future.

Noble Park Primary School is a part of the Victorian State Education system, which has at its core the notion of opportunities for everyone, so students receive ‘…benefits of a quality school education’. Within that context we believe that ‘… it takes a village to raise a child…’ and that building relationships is at the centre of any action which benefits students and the broader community, so in effect we are part of a community organisation. Noble Park Primary School students, staff, School Council and families will be engaged in a personalised curriculum, while adhering to our four core values of RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY INTEGRITY and OPTIMISM.

It is our belief that learning should be occurring all day, everywhere in the school. To that end we will work tirelessly to provide stimulating educational and physical environments that foster opportunities for learning, social growth, aesthetic awareness and playfulness.

The staff and community aim to achieve the development of motivated and resilient students through vibrant programs supported by soundly researched methodology. English, especially for our students without English as their home language, Mathematics and technology will be at the core of learning programs underpinned by comprehensive pastoral programs, with students encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning. Staff will have high expectations of the students and impart that ethos to the wider school community.

The personalised curriculum will be delivered with a developmental approach, under the banner of Relational Learning. This will ensure the learning is at ‘point of need’ for each student, to support academic success and to develop social competencies and aesthetic awareness and skills. Learning will be responsive to the changing needs of learners and the community. Physical and creative programs will provide opportunities for students to succeed at school and beyond. Staff at the school will become leaders in teaching practice and curriculum development demonstrating a willingness to share their expertise.

The school will become recognised as a centre for exemplary practice for learning, in promoting our goals of personalised learning, community links and parent connectedness.

The school will partner with various organisations, agencies and corporate entities to utilise their capacity to support student learning and growth and receive mutual benefits. The school actively partners with organisations to provide a range of diverse programs to benefit all students outside the traditional offerings of mainstream schools. To move forward we will continue to actively seek out further partnerships.

The general practices of the school will foster in students the development of attitudes that support a sense of mutual interdependence and community, working toward a sustainable environment, building leadership skills and recognising global perspectives.